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Sopharma Trading reports 14% growth in profit before taxes and 12% in revenue for the nine months 2020-10-27

Sopharma Trading Jsc. closed September 2020 reporting 59% growth in profit before taxes. Thus, it reached 2 323 ths. BGN compared to 1 462 ths. BGN achieved in the same month of previous year. The revenue increased by 26% to 78 648 ths. BGN vs. 62 539 ths. BGN reported in the ninth month of 2019.

The growing trend in September impacts positively the accumulated financial parameters of the company. The profit before taxes for the nine months of the year marks 14% growth to 17 916 ths. BGN compared to 15 711 ths. BGN in the same period of 2019. The accumulated revenue reaches 638 991 ths. BGN which is 12% more than 572 151 ths. BGN reached in the January-September of the previous year.