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Sopharma Trading reaches 10% growth of profit before taxes and 8% of revenue in the eleven months 2019-12-20

Sopharma Trading Jsc. closed the eleventh month of 2019 reaching the new peak in revenue from sales of goods. It increases with 8% to 69 834 ths. BGN compared to 64 773 ths. BGN reported in the same month of 2018. The profit before taxes in November reaches 1 627 ths. BGN which is 3% more than 1 584 ths. BGN achieved in the same month of last year.

The accumulated results of Sopharma Trading Jsc. also follow the upward trend. The profit before taxes in the eleven months increases with 10% and reaches 19 185 ths. BGN vs. 17 416 ths. BGN in 2018. The accumulated revenue marks 8% growth to 709 646 ths. BGN compared to 655 437 ths. BGN achieved in January to November period of 2018.