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Sopharma Trading achieves 37% growth in its profit before taxes and 12% in revenues for July 2019-08-29

Sopharma Trading Jsc. continues to impress with its growing trends in the main financial parameters. In July this year the company achieves 37% growth in profit before taxes by reaching 2 222 ths. BGN., vs. 1 624 ths. BGN. In the seveth month of last year, whereas the revenue in the same month grow with 12% up to 64 179 ths. BGN. Vs. 57 468 ths. BGN. in 2018.

The accumulated results of Sopharma Trading Jsc. also run high for the seven months of 2019 compared with the same period of 2018 or otherwise the profit before taxes increases with a whole of 20% amounting to 12 704 ths. BGN. In this year vs. 10 636 ths. BGN. In the last year. The accumulated revenues from sales on it own reaches 443 775 ths. BGN. vs. 409 482 ths. BGN. in the same period of 2018 thus forming the 8% growth.