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Sopharma Trading reports 16% growth in profit before taxes and 8% in revenue in the first half 2019-07-26

Sopharma Trading Jsc. closes the first six months of the year reporting growth in its main financial parameters. The company’s revenue for the period January-June increases by 8% to 379 596 ths. BGN compared to 352 014 ths. BGN in the previous year. The accumulated profit before taxes marks growth of 16% and reaches 10 482 ths. BGN vs. 9 011 ths. BGN achieved in 2018. 

The revenue of Sopharma Trading in June only reaches 62 220 ths. BGN or with 5% more than 59 241 ths. BGN reported in 2018. The profit before taxes in the sixth month increases by 13% to 1 771 ths. BGN.