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Sopharma Trading Jsc. closes 2018 with growth 25% in profit before taxes and 8% in the revenue 2019-01-30

Sopharma Trading Jsc. reported growth in its main financial parameters for 12 consecutive years. The company’s revenue in January to December increases with 8% to 723 722 ths. BGN compared to 672 145 ths. BGN written in Sopharma Trading’s audited 2017 financial report. The profit before taxes in the same period reached 20 279 ths. BGN which is 25% more than 16 241 ths. BGN, which is company’s audited financial result.

The profit before taxes of Sopharma Trading in December only reached new peak of 2 863 ths. BGN and marked 88% growth compared to 1 521 ths. BGN in 2017. The revenue for the same month of 2018 increased by 3% to 68 285 ths. BGN.