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Sopharma Trading Jsc. reports 107% growth in profit before taxes in September 2018 2018-10-29

September is another month of extraordinary performance shows the report of the pharmaceutical leader Sopharma Trading. The company achieves impressive growth of 107% in its profit before taxes in the ninth month of 2018 when comparing the 2 277 ths. BGN achieved this year to 1 098 ths BGN reached in September 2017. The revenue of Sopharma Trading also follows the upward trend by growing with 12% - the company reports 59 923 ths. BGN sales of goods vs. 53 354 ths. BGN sold in the ninth month of last year.

Naturally, strong performance in September influences the accumulated financial parameters of the company. Thus, so far in 2018 Sopharma Trading achieves 9% growth in its revenue to 529 035 ths. BGN compared to 485 887 ths. BGN reported for January – September 2017, which constitutes growth of 8%. The profit before taxes for the same period grows with 28% when comparing 14 509 ths. BGN in 2018 with 11 355 ths. BGN for the nine months of 2017.