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Sopharma Trading is the leader in the Pharma sector of the Capital Top 100 ranking 2019-07-05

Sopharma Trading ranked 1st by revenue in the Pharma sector of the Capital 100 ranking. It is a 10th consecutive year for the company as an absolute leader in its sector with revenue amounting to 720.3 million BGN in 2018. Among the 100 largest companies in Bulgaria, Sopharma Trading is ranked 24th.
"We have achieved growth for a consecutive 12th year thanks to our ability to develop and implement a successful strategy - from our diversified business model to our expansion in the region - all these strategic decisions ensure the scale and the dynamic growth of Sopharma Trading", commented to Capital edition Dimitar Dimitrov, CEO of the company.
Since its establishment in 2006, Sopharma Trading has increased 5 times its revenue and 24 times its profit. Only in 2018, company's sales have grown with 7% compared to 2017 and the net profit increased by 23% to 17 971 ths. BGN.