training and professional development

We invest in our professionals. We offer training and programs for professional skills and competences for all positions, consistent with the business targets of the company.

Leading value – learning throughout the whole professional life

We believe that every person develops his or hers full potential by a dedicated piling of new knowledge and skills. That’s why, in order to be cognizant and leaders in the highly competitive business environment, we should continuously increase our qualification and the knowledge inside our team.

Research and a yearly program

The company organizes yearly research among the employees about their needs of training. Manager Trainings and Development takes care that all these needs will be satisfied in the most efficient for the employees and the company way. The programs carried away up to now are in the fields of sales, logistics, quality assurance, people management, management skills, IT, etc.

Introduction program for new employees

The practice has proven – welcome the new member of your team the way you expect him to work later on. So, we introduce the new employees to the company under a special program. It includes general acquaintance with the company and detailed training on the specifics of the work by the most acknowledged professional in the respective area.