corporate management

Sopharma Trading is a company having a single-level management system. The Company is under the management of a Board of Directors, which consists of three members, namely: Ognyan Ivanov Donev- Chairman of the Board, Dimitar Georgiev Dimitrov-Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Director, Angel Yordanov-Member of the Board of Directors.

In view of the requirement of Art. 116a, paragraph 2 of the Public Offering of Securities Act Angel Yordanov and Dimitar Georgiev Dimitrov are independent members of the Board.

Ognyan Donev

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dimitar Dimitrov

Member of the Board of Directors, CEO

Angel Yordanov

Member of the Board of Directors

The Company is represented by the Executive Director - Dimitar Georgiev Dimitrov. An auditor of Sopharma Trading for 2019 is the registered audit firm – “Baker Tilly Klitou”NTD, reg.129, Sofia City, 104“Akad. Ivan Evstatiev Geshov” blvd., fl. 7, et.7. office 12. More information