address of the executive director

Welcome to the renovated website of Sopharma Trading JSC.!

If you enter into our Web site, you will see our virtual office which will give you a possibility to take a walk around and closely examine our activity, achievements and expectations. You will learn everything about our products, services and novelties in the Company. You will be able to acquaint yourself with our team and contact directly any of the five regional distribution centers which you need.

We, all in Sopharma Trading, are constantly aware of the fact that by offering our services and products we take care of the health and well-being of millions of people in Bulgaria.

Driven by our aspiration to keep always abreast of the market trends, we carefully explore the needs of our partners and clients in order to be able to satisfy their demands in full. To us a successful business does not merely mean a work well-done and a profit rate gained, but it means the smiling faces of our content clients and the satisfaction of our employees.

Our total market share for the whole year 2009 is estimated at 20.7%. This result is due to the fact that we offer many new high quality services, perfectly aware of the fact that we work not only for our clients and partners, but for the society as a whole. That is why we try to be fully oriented towards transparency and dynamics, as well as always be close to you. Absolutely devoted to the care for the life and health of people, we can deliver medicinal and other necessary products to any point in the country for a period of 15 minutes to 4 hours.

Drawing experience and business models from the successful foreign practices and through the multiple contracts with partners, recognized leaders in various segments of the hospital and pharmaceutical market, we import innovative know-how in Bulgaria.

We believe that as complex a service is, as many new clients we shall attract, and this is precisely the reason why we offer this approach.

Every day we prove that we earn your trust by keeping our promises!”

Dimitar Dimitrov
Executive Director, Sopharma Trading JSC.