distribution center pukovac

The distribution center in Pukovac, Nis region, serves Sopharma Trading’s partners in the region of South-Eastern Serbia for now and later on Eastern, Western and Southern parts of the country. 

DC Pukovac has an area of 4328 m2 making the Sopharma Trading’s entire portfolio of 20,000 products available for the company’s customers. The logistic base provides an optimal storage microclimate with a high-end Siemens building management system and is fully compliant with the Good Distribution Practice standards. 

One of the key benefits for Sopharma Trading’s customers in the region is the significantly reduced time of order processing. Thus, they are able to receive the orders within the same day, with 6 days a week deliveries for customers in the Nis region and 5 days for the rest of the South-Eastern Serbia. The company makes deliveries once a day, and by the end of the year a second additional delivery route for the city of Nis will be launched.

The company continues to utilize its strategy for diversification, full utilization of market potential and building more efficient partnerships with key customers and suppliers.

Virtual tour in DC Pukovac