for pharmacy owners

If you have a pharmacy and are looking for an investor?

If you own one or more pharmacies and are willing to offer your business to another investor, you can contact the SOpharmacy team. Over the past few years, an experienced team is working together with pharmacies owners to join their outlets to the SOpharmacy family. We follow clearly structured process so that we meet the interests of both parties in the best possible way.

Why would you prefer SOpharmacy?

We believe we can offer you a fair price for your business. SOpharmacy is a trusted partner who follows good professional practices, ethical working rules and interaction. SOpharmacy is committed to continue and expand your business, as well as to offer your employees a development in case of mutual agreement.

Receiving an offer does is not a requirement to sell your business.

Do you want to continue your career as part of the SOpharmacy team?

If you are an active pharmacy entrepreneur, have developed your own pharmacy, and wish to join your business to SOpharmacy pharmacies without leaving your profession, ask our team about your opportunities for further professional realization as our employee. In certain cases, we could offer career development within the company.

In case of interest, please contact:
Hristo Lyubomirov
Manager expansion
Tel. 02 8133 470

Please be sure to include the following information in the conversation:

Pharmacy name / chain name
Owner / owners
Contact details for you

Once we have been informed of your interest, we will give you feedback as soon as possible if we could make an offer and what additional information would be required.

IMPORTANT: All information you share with us is treated as confidential. Upon your request, you may receive a NDA.