trade marketing

The role of the Commercial Marketing Division is to support pharmaceutical companies that produce and supply pharmacy products, better to position their products and to implement their pharmacies strategies.
Sopharma Trading analyses the Bulgarian pharmaceutical market in terms of producer, wholesaler, retailer and end-user at pharmacy. The Sopharma Trading team develops a strategy for the successful positioning and promotion of pharmaceutical products and propose an approach by which the strategy of the international companies adapts to the specifics of the Bulgarian market, the product and its target audiences. Since June 2014, all services offered by Sopharma Trading have been united under the Pharma Premium brand.

Pharma Premium services are presented in the Pharma Premium Special Catalog and are grouped according to the aims the producer wants to achieve:

Pharma Premium Research

Investigation and analysis of the Bulgarian national and regional pharmacy market via different types of surveys as on-line, telephone, desk research based on IMS and PharmMIS and etc.

BTL - Pharma Premium Promotions

Push in and Pull out activities
BTL - Pharma Premium Communication

Successful communication of a message, information, promotional offer or news by effectively reaching the desired target audience.

BTL - Pharma Premium Events

ATL activities