Sopharma Trading provides full national coverage on the territory of Bulgaria and access to anywhere in the country within 4 hours, thanks to our modern warehouses located in 3 key cities – Sofia, Varna and Veliko Tarnovo. Our well-developed distribution network enables the company to be in a close proximity to almost all pharmacies and hospitals in the country.
The largest logistic center of Sopharma Trading is located in Sofia. It stretches over an area of 15,000 m2 and the storage area is 10,000 m2. The centers of the company in Sofia and Varna are unique, as they implement the automated system for warehouse management and medicine distribution – KNAPP, which has no analogue on the Balkan Peninsula. The modern technology accelerates the processing of customer orders 7 times.
In 2014 new Regional distributional center of Sopharma Trading in Varna opened doors.The company invested in the implementation of an automated warehouse system of the Austrian company KNAPP in its newly opened Regional Distributional Center (RDC) too.
The Distributional Center n meets the requirements of the international standard for Good Distributional Practice.
Today the company has strong positions in the distribution of pharmaceutical products, reaching over 3,000 customers.