who are we

Sopharma Trading is one of the largest companies in Bulgaria and a leader in the pharmaceutical sector. The company is a pioneer in the introduction of the best international practices in the country and a partner preferred by manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies and hospitals and investors. 

The three core values on which the successful business model of Sopharma Trading is based are innovation, teamwork and passion to the company’s customers and partners.

At present, Sopharma Trading offers to its customers:

A variety of nearly 15,000 pharmaceutical products
including a portfolio of world famous exclusive brands, medicines, medical devices, sanitary materials, vitamins, food supplements, cosmetics, medical appliances and equipment.

Complete solutions for the hospital market 
both distribution services related to the supply of all products of the company's portfolio and turnkey solutions for construction of hospitals.

Full coverage on the territory of Bulgaria 
and access to anywhere in the country within four hours thanks to its modern warehouses located in three key cities - Sofia, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo.

Distribution services of a high quality through its own fleet of over 130 vehicles and opportunity to deliver the products quickly and easily to over 3, 000 customers.

Complete logistics solutions for the import, storage and distribution of goods to the end customers.

Marketing and advertisement services for penetrating products on the Bulgarian market for local and international companies.

In 2015 Sopharma Trading started its regional expansion by entering the Serbian market. The same year the company also opened its own, retail outlets in the pharmacy market under the brand SOpharmacy.

More than 1500 people who have access to the latest technologies and global know-how take care for the creation of high-quality products and services in Sopharma Trading. These technologies and know-how allow them to develop successful up-dated pharmaceutical solutions for both the consumers and business partners of the company.

Sopharma Trading has implemented an Integrated Management System according to the requirements of many international management standards such as Good Distribution Practices. ISO 9001 - Quality Management System, ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System, ISO 27001 - Information Security Management System, ISO 45001 - Health and Safety Management System.