Sopharma Trading is the leader in the Pharma sector of the Capital Top 100 ranking
The company ranked 24th among the 100 largest companies in Bulgaria
more 2019-07-05
Sanja Jevdjenijevic takes over the position of Chief HR Officer of Sopharma Trading Group
She has extensive experience in managing large teams and organizational management in multinational companies
more 2019-07-03
Sopharma Trading reports 17% growth in profit before taxes and 8% in revenue for January to May
In May only the company marked growth of 11% in revenue and 14% in the profit before taxes
more 2019-06-27
In April 2019 Sopharma Trading reports 21% growth in profit before taxes and 11% in revenues
The company’s accumulated parameters continue to retain its stable growing trend
more 2019-05-30
Sopharma Trading reports 17% growth in its profit before taxes and 7% in revenue in January-March
In the third month of the year the revenue reached 64 986 ths. BGN
more 2019-04-25
Sopharma Trading Jsc reports 5% growth in revenue in February
The company reaches 30% growth in its profit before taxes and 8% in revenue in the first two months of 2019
more 2019-03-29
Sopharma Trading consolidates Serbian operations under its corporate brand
The company is the first in Serbia to start its own digital channel for customer services in Pharmacy sector
more 2019-03-11
Sopharma Trading Jsc. reports 71% growth of profit before taxes and 12% of revenue in January 2019
In the first month of the year the profit before taxes reached 2 363 ths. BGN
more 2019-02-28
Sopharma Trading Jsc. closes 2018 with growth 25% in profit before taxes and 8% in the revenue
In December the profit before taxes increased by 88% and reached 2 863 ths. BGN
more 2019-01-30
The largest Bulgarian healthcare company Sopharma Trading acquires 100% stakes in Serbian Lekovit
The Bulgarian investor makes the next step in becoming a leader in the Serbian healthcare sector and the whole region since starting its regional expansion from Serbia in 2015
more 2019-01-17