Sopharma Trading reports 25% growth in profit before tax and 8% in revenue for January-October 2018
The company’s revenue increases by 4% in the tenth month of the year
more 2018-11-30
Sopharma Trading Jsc. reports 107% growth in profit before taxes in September 2018
The company’s revenue in the ninth month of the year has grown with 12%
more 2018-10-29
Sopharma Trading Jsc. reports 10% growth in profit before taxes in August 2018
The company’s revenue in the eight month of the year reached 59 630 ths. BGN
more 2018-09-28
In July 2018 Sopharma Trading Jsc. reports 95% growth in profit before taxes and 16% in revenue
The company’s accumulated parameters grow dynamically too
more 2018-08-27
Sopharma Trading Jsc. reports 70% growth in profit before taxes and 9% in revenue in June 2018
The company ends the first half of the year with growing accumulated financial parameters
more 2018-07-23
Sopharma Trading is the leader in Pharmaceutical sector in Capital Top 100 Ranking
Sopharma Trading is the No 1 by revenue in the Pharma Sector in Bulgaria in Capital Top 100 ranking of the largest businesses in the country.
more 2018-07-06
The No1 Bulgarian healthcare company Sopharma Trading expands operations in Serbia
The company has started its regional expansion 3 years ago and plans to have Serbian nationwide operations as fundament for growing in the East European region
more 2018-06-22
Sopharma Trading Jsc. reports 13% growth in profit before taxes and 7% higher revenue for the period
The profit before taxes has increased by 3% in April only
more 2018-05-30
Sopharma Trading Jsc. closes March 2018 with 35% growth in profit before taxes and with 10% higher r
In the first quarter the profit before taxes reached 5 510 ths. BGN and the revenue -181 650 ths. BGN
more 2018-04-30
Sopharma Trading Jsc. closes February 2018 with growth of 18% in profit before taxes
Accumulated results for the first two months of the year also show ascending trend
more 2018-03-30
Sopharma Trading Jsc. reports 11% revenue growth in January 2018
Company profit before taxes has reached 1 382 ths. BGN in the same period
more 2018-02-28
Sopharma Trading Jsc. closes 2017 with 10% growth in the accumulated revenue and 9% in profit before
In the twelve months the company reports revenue of 672 120 ths. BGN and profit before taxes of 16 172 ths. BGN
more 2018-01-31