Sopharma Trading Jsc. reports in November 2017 41% growth оf profit before taxes and 11% in revenue
The accumulated financial indicators for the eleventh months of the year also show stable growth by 9% in revenue and 5% in profit before taxes
more 2017-12-22
Sopharma Trading announces closing of the acquisition of PharmaStore chain of pharmacies
The Commission for Protection of Competition has unconditionally approved the concentration through acquisition back in November
more 2017-12-01
Sopharma Trading Jsc. reports 9% growth оf revenue in October, 2017
In the tenth month of the year the company has reached the highest revenue of 59 213 ths. BGN
more 2017-11-30
The Commission for Protection of Competition has permitted concentration of PharmaStore pharmacies
The Commission for Protection of Competition in Bulgaria has permitted concentration through acquisition of PharmaStore pharmacies by Sopharma Trading Jsc.
more 2017-11-07
Sopharma Trading Jsc. reports 9% growth for the three quarters of the year
Company’s accumulated profit before taxes increases to 11 355 ths. BGN
more 2017-10-27
Sopharma Trading Jsc. reports 10% revenue growth in August, 2017
The company also achieves steady growth in the accumulated results for the eight months of the year
more 2017-09-29
Sopharma Trading Completes Acquisition of Lekovit in Serbia
The Closing of the deal comes after the unconditional approval of the transaction by Serbian Commission for Protection of Competition
more 2017-08-04
Sopharma Trading Jsc. reports growth of 11% in profit before taxes and 9% in revenue for the first s
Company also reaches 15% increase of revenue only in June sales
more 2017-07-26
The Commission for Protection of Competition in Serbia has approved the acquisition of the majority
The Commission for Protection of Competition in Serbia has approved Sopharma Trading Jsc. to acquire the majority shares of Lekovit company - the fastest growing pharmaceutical wholesaler in Serbia in the last 3 years. The Regulator's decision comes just a few weeks after the two companies announced their partnership intentions.
more 2017-07-18
Sopharma Trading is the leader in Pharmaceutical sector in Capital Top 100 Ranking
Sopharma Trading is the No 1 by revenue in the Pharma Sector in Bulgaria for an 8th consecutive year evaluated by Capital Top 100 ranking of the largest businesses in the country.
more 2017-07-14
Sopharma Trading Jsc. announces intentions to acquire PharmaStore pharmacies operations
The company going forward with plans of upgrading market presence in retail segment of pharma market
more 2017-03-16
Sopharma Trading Jsc. reports 5% growth in revenue from sales of goods in January 2017
For the first month of the year company’s profit before tax has reached 1 559 ths. BGN
more 2017-02-28
Sopharma Trading Jsc. closes 2016 with 13% growth in the accumulated profit before tax and with 2% m
In the twelve months the company reports revenue of 613 087 ths. BGN and profit before taxes of 15 314 ths. BGN
more 2017-01-25