Herbitussin Cough is a unique composition of herbal extracts and volatile oils, which helps to ease the cough.
Pills contain extract from plantago lancetoa with addition of honey, which has the shielding effect and also thyme extract, which has antiseptic properties.

Herbitussin   Original Recipe Dietary Supplement 12 sucking pastilles
Preparation to Counter a Cough

•    Burdensome cough
•    Irritated mucous membranes of respiratory tract
•    Herbitussin contains herbal extracts and essential oils

This preparation is intended to assist the regular function of mucous membrane of the throat, especially during the periods of autumn and winter;  to counter the feeling of irritated mucous membrane of the throat and the mouth cavity caused by staying in conditioned, badly ventilated or dusty rooms, by temperature changes, smoking or other effect of irritating  substances, intensive using of a voice.  

Herbal extracts and essential oils, which are the part of  this medicine, have an anti  inflammatory and astringent effect. Components of this preparation
soothe the irritated mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and assist natural immunity.  The extracts from planiain (Plantago lanceolata L.) and thyme have a soothing, protective and antiseptic effect upon the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract irritated by burdensome cough. Mucous membranes are protected by a coating of herbal substances and ready to counter the irritation effect.  

Directions for use:

take a suck, up to the solution, max. 3 pastilles a day. Do not exceed the recommended day dose. 
Store in room temperature, in a place, which is inaccessible for children.
Made by Domaco Switzerland for US Pharmacia Sp. z o. o., Ziębicka str. 40, 50  507 Wrocław.


one pastille contains: sugar, glucose syrup; honey 45 mg; extracts from 20 herbs (liquorice (licorice) (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.), planiain  (Plantago lanceolata L.), raspberry, mint, camomile, eucalyptus, fennel, lilac elder, Icelandic moss, bluebottle (cornflower), lime (linden), lungwort, mallow, marigold, sage, yarrow (milfoil), primrose, anise, thyme,
mullein) 10 mg; acid regulator (ascorbic acid); aroma; essential oils (menthol, ethanol, eucalyptus oil).

The contents of the a.m. components will increase, if, within the recommended day dose, more than one pastille is taken.

The preparation can not be used as a substitute of differentiated diet.
12 sucking pastilles